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"The System"

A visual presentation of "what's going on?" is presented as a slideshow on YouTube. Comparing our economic system to a simple game of marbles, it becomes obvious there is an overlooked, critical flaw in our financial structure!

David Daniels granted permission for "The System" song to be included; it's a perfect match with the slideshow.

View it here.

"The System" - composed & arranged by Van Nixon
David Daniels with The Talking' Roots Crew, 4:20 Report

Dedicated to "Folks whose words still float in the spaces between Greenwich Village and San Francisco"

The Talkin' Roots Crew:
David Daniels, Newscaster
Van Nixon: vocals, guitar and djembe
Issac 'Ike' Russell: vocals, Bass & Goat Nails
Dan Boldt: Tablas Bells, Blocks, Cymbals& Hi Hat
Dan Schauer: Dunebec & djembe
Charles Braden: Alto & Soprano Sax
Special Guest: Nate Stevens, Harmonica

The System from the 4:20 Report:
Recorded at Interlock Studio One and Bob Dogs Grave
Engineered by Dillon Parker and The Bob Dog
Produced by David Daniels & Isaac 'Ike' Russell
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA - Copyright 2006

CD can be ordered from CD Baby
Single track can be ordered from Chondo.net


Special thanks to:

David Daniels with The Talkin' Roots Crew!