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Follow your own footsteps.
Learn from the rivers,
the trees and the rocks.
Honor the Christ, the Buddha,
your brothers and sisters.
Honor your Earth Mother and the Great Spirit.
Honor yourself and all of creation.

Look with the eyes of your soul and engage the essential.



If we do not make drastic changes, much greater than simply "Who is president" but deep economic changes, where will we be - the American citizens and the economic impact already being exported globally (often with much pain) in the next few years?

We will only survive ourselves if we do NOT play ostrich; the cracks in society are beginning to expand, and we cannot patch the fundamental flaw.

Elaine's View

The economic-ostrich approach...

cartoon of meeting, "How about releasing a flock of birds trained to whisper in peoples' ears, The recession's over! The recession's over!"

Where I Stand Why I believe things are bigger mess than ever economically is shared in one longer reply to a friend. Various issues of our current society and the ever-present link to our dollar system are discussed. This is moderately long, but easy to read. If it offends anyone, I'd ask them to examine the reasons for such a reaction; it's not my intent to offend, but instead generate a new awareness.

Short Articles by yours truly cover a broader range. Chicken coops, wage slaves, gold fever - domestic abuse and our legal system... these are all explored from a perception of "how does money influence these?"

What I do sense is an increasing sense of panic in our society. It's not fully obvious, nor is the scope well-understood. Our collective pulse is beginning to race as if 'something is gaining on us'. 'Something' is. It's depicted in the linked YouTubes Marbles and Mr. Nice Guy.

This is not new, and not new in my life. The lyrics of Steppenwolf's "Monster" influenced me at the ripe old age of fifteen, and in hindsight, these words are truer today than ever. The message of this song is expored through others' opinions at Songfacts and the song can be found on itunes. The powerful plea in it for "America, please wake up!" is decades old... and the Monster is still with us.

I am extraordinarily worried for our country, our people, and the global human crisis erupting from a deformed system. This is not what was intended for America by the Founding Fathers, and is exactly what they fought and warned against. We're no longer an isolated community in the world, and the suffering will not be contained by borders. (Generally, it's been exported under every system similar to ours, but it is not only on our doorstep, it is our child!)

WE are responsible for our government and its actions, financially, economically, and militarily. WE are the only ones that have a chance to correct it, but we have to understand it first and what we're up against. We're up against heavily-established banking and financial interests. WE allowed it, and unless WE change it... I am extraordinarily worried.

How much of our lives are controlled by the cartoon below?

cartoon, boss holding a fishing pole with a dollar dangling, "Now let's see you bark and roll over."