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New View on Money

http://economictree.blogspot.com/ Blog started July 28, 2008

Richard began a daily column addressing monetary concerns pertinent to our current economic situation. The media news is bleak, with crisis following crisis. To better understand "what is going on", Richard is offering short articles that flow from each other. His goal is to offer six daily articles weekly (Monday through Saturday)to all interested parties.

The blog site itself was not set up until August 1st, so the first week is condensed on August 1st and 2nd (my delay - elaine). It will be updated daily to the best of our ability.

Since these do 'flow together', the ideal starting point for orderly viewing begins with Column #1, Introduction.


Excerpt from Column #2:

...On the front page of the Tuesday, July 15 edition of the New York Times, was a photograph of a long line of people anxiously waiting to get into a bank the day before. I experienced this as a disturbing image, the like of which I had seen only in history books. It was, in a manner of speaking, an old-fashioned "run on the bank." To my knowledge, not since the Depression has such a picture been emblazoned across the front page of an American newspaper.

Excerpt from Column #3:

...The truth is that the banker did not go back into his vault to get the money. Rather he created it with the "stroke of a pen" when he wrote the check. This strikes many people that I talk to as a startling assertion. Not a few will declare that this simply cannot be true, but, as stated by Robert Hemphill, former credit manager of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, "If all bank loans were paid, no one would have a bank deposit, and there would not be a dollar of currency or coin in circulation. . . We are completely dependent on the commercial banks. Someone has to borrow every dollar we have in circulation, cash or credit . . ."

Mailing List or Blog site?

For those who would like to receive these articles via email, it's as easy as contacting Richard at richkotlarz@gmail.com (if link fails, copy & paste into mail address). No one will receive these articles unless requested; it's an "opt in" mailing list available for those who wish it. AT NO TIME WILL YOUR EMAIL BE SHARED WITH OTHERS FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE.

The same articles can be viewed on the blog site itself. The archives contain previous posts, and RSS feed is available for updates (simply click on the orange and white square in the top menu). This creates a link to the blog under your 'Favorites' listing. http://economictree.blogspot.com/

Both features have unique benefits. Joining the mailing list allows the subscriber to receive the articles automatically in their email, ready to read at their convenience. The blog site offers archived articles, making it easy to search for a previous post, and RSS feed is 'on request' only.


Thank you...

To everyone who encouraged the creation of this blog - thank you. A special thanks to everyone who shares this information and passes it on!